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The Black Box.


The best dark chocolate in 1 box.

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5 different sleeves with 5 of the same chocolates. For those who like bitter, a selection of dark chocolate filled with different ganaches.


  • Sleeve with 5 chocolates #05 – Dark chocolate | Cherries & Lemon.
    A colourful, fresh pallet of dark chocolate with cherries and lemon.
  • Sleeve with 5 chocolates #25 – Dark chocolate | Strawberry, Pepper & Lemon.
    A refreshing play of contrasts between dark chocolate, lemon, strawberry and pepper.
  • Sleeve with 5 chocolates #27 – Dark chocolate | Star Anise & Honey.
    Intense fusion of dark chocolate and star aniseed, with a sophisticated hint of honey.
  • Sleeve with 5 chocolates # 36 - Dark chocolate / Nougat
    Warm pallet with a creamy texture of mild nougat in dark chocolate.
  • Sleeve with 5 chocolates #58 – Dark chocolate | Babelutte & Sea Salt.
    Masterpiece with bitter chocolate, sea salt and sweet Babelutte.

Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9.2 × 8.7 cm

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cream (MILK), butter (MILK), whole MILK, ALMONDS, strawberries, nougat (EGG, NUTS), sour cherry, whole MILK powder, liquid butter (MILK), honey, glucose, invert sugar, lemon, glucose syrup, water, vegetable oil: coconut; alcohol, natural aroma: vanilla; emulsifier: E322 (SOYA); star anise, thickening agents: E440, E407, E415; black pepper, sea salt, acidity regulators: E330, E339; protein powder (EGG), preservative: E202; potato starch, vegetable fat: coconut; anise, lemon essential oil, maltodextrin. May contain traces of: GLUTEN, SESAME. Plain chocolate: min. 56.7% cocoa solids.


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