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The Ultimate Collection.


Alle 22 smaken in 1 luxe box.

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Alle 22 smaken in 1 luxe box. Waarom zou je voor minder dan een meesterwerk gaan? BbyB gebruikt enkel de puurste ingrediënten, zodat het jou verrast met de meer dan 20 heerlijke culinaire creaties.


  • #03 – Dark chocolate | Rhubarb & Violets.
    Dark chocolate with rhubarb filling and violet flavor.
  • #05 – Dark chocolate | Cherries & Lemon.
    A colourful, fresh pallet of dark chocolate with cherries and lemon.
  • #08 – Milk chocolate | Speculoos & Orange
    Exciting accumulation of textures withcoarse cinnamon biscuit and soft oranges, surrounded by a crisp layer of milk chocolate.
  • #09 – Milk chocolate | Passion fruit
    A refreshing combination of milk chocolate with a sour touch of passion fruit.
  • #15 – Milk chocolate | Hazelnut
    Innovative composition of milk chocolate and hazelnut.
  • #19 – Dark chocolate | Babelutte & Apple.
    Abstract composition of dark chocolate, filled with fresh apple and sweet Babelutte.
  • #23 – Milk chocolate | Babelutte & Coffee.
    Warm interplay between milk chocolate and a sweet-bitter filling of Babelutte and coffee.
  • #25 – Dark chocolate | Strawberry, Pepper & Lemon.
    A refreshing play of contrasts between dark chocolate, lemon, strawberry and pepper.
  • #27 – Dark chocolate | Star Anise & Honey.
    Intense fusion of dark chocolate and star aniseed, with a sophisticated hint of honey.
  • #28 – Dark chocolate | Macadamia.
    Dark chocolate with macadamia nut filling.
  • #35 Milk chocolate | Creme brûlée.
    Soft-sweet Crème brûlée filling in a crunchy milk chocolate coating.
  • #36 – Dark chocolate | Nougat.
    Warm pallet with a creamy texture of mild nougat in dark chocolate.
  • #41 – Dark chocolate | Cherries & Pistachio.
    Dark chocolate with cherry and pistachio filling.
  • #42 – Dark chocolate | Raspberry & Lemon.
    Still life of dark chocolate with raspberry and lemon.
  • #48 – Dark chocolate | Ginger.
    A refreshing, spicy combination of dark chocolate and ginger.
  • #58 – Dark chocolate | Babelutte & Sea Salt.
    Masterpiece with bitter chocolate, sea salt and sweet Babelutte.
  • #63 – White chocolate | Passion fruit & Basil.
    Expressive creation of white chocolate with passion fruit and basil.
  • #64 – White chocolate | Raspberry & Roses.
    Romantic tableau of roses and raspberry combined with white chocolate.
  • #71 – Witte chocolade / Aardbei & Samba thee
    Exotisch tafereel van witte chocolade gevuld met aardbei en samba thee.
  • #84 – White chocolate | Hazelnut & Coffee.
    Classical composition which harmonises savoury, sweet and bitter tastes.
  • #88 – Milk chocolate | Sesame.
    A contemporary creation of milk chocolate with a special texture of sesame seeds.
  • #98 – Milk chocolate | Cherries
    A smooth transition from milk chocolate to sweet cherries.

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Weight 0.242 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 2.2 cm

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cream (MILK), butter (MILK), glucose, liquid butter (MILK), hazelNUTS (HAZELNUTS), whole MILK, macadamia NUTS (MACADAMIA NUTS), invert sugar, ALMONDS, sour cherry, passion fruit, raspberries, strawberries, water, green apples, vegetable oils: coconut, sunflower; SESAME seed, nougat (EGG, NUTS), lemon, vegetable fats: coconut, sunflower; emulsifiers: E322 (SOYA), E422; honey, rhubarb paste, orange juice, thickening agents: E440, E407, E415; natural aroma: vanilla; glucose syrup, PISTACHIO NUTS (PISTACHIOS), spices: ginger, cinnamon; amarena cherry, acidity regulators: E330, E334, E339, E260, E296; salt, sea salt, orange concentrate, samba tea, PISTACHIOS (PISTACHIOS), WHEAT flour (WHEAT), alcohol, glucose-fructose syrup, candy sugar cassonade, coffee, colorants: E102, E122, E129, E132, E160a, E131; aroma: roses; star anise, basil, SESAME oil, stabiliser: E440; black pepper, preservative: E202; antioxidant: E300; maltodextrin, vanilla extract, EGGS, fruit juice concentrate: chokeberry, elderberry; aroma (flavour solvent: propylene glycol; aroma: violet), cinnamon, protein powder (EGG), sweeteners: E950, E951, E954, E955; potato starch, cream of tartar powder, vanilla seeds, raising agent: E500ii; basil extract, natural coffee aroma, lemon essential oil, fruit extract, anise, essential orange oil. May contain traces of: GLUTEN. May adversely affect the activity or attention of children. Milk chocolate: min. 39.7% cocoa solids, min. 24% milk solids. Plain chocolate: min. 56.7% cocoa solids. White chocolate: min. 32.1% cocoa solids, min. 22.1% milk solids.


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